The role of the CCIT of Moselle


Presentation of the activities undertaken by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Territorial Services of Moselle – CCIT

The role of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Territorial Services of Moselle is to preserve the general interests of businesses by acting as an intermediary between state organisations and all companies in the industrial, trade and service sectors.
It is committed to supporting and advising businesses, organising vocational training programs and offering a wide range of university degrees. It is also in charge of the creation and overall management of public infrastructures.

Supporting and advising businesses

Helping entrepreneurs in the various processes of creating, taking over or passing on their businesses

  • We assist entrepreneurs through the various stages of business creation – that is from supplying the preliminary information they need to guiding them through the administrative registration of their business.
  • We also provide the follow-up services needed after business creation and help them gather in enterprise zones.
  • Our approach is specifically adapted to entrepreneurs willing to take-over or pass on a business.

Providing information on the economic fabric of the Moselle district

  • We supply up-to-date information regarding Moselle’s economic fabric as well as the laws in place in this district.
  • Entrepreneurs can also contact us to consult our list of businesses and get all sorts of economic information and documentation.

Assisting businesses through the development process

  • We provide advisory services in various areas such as quality, environment, security, industrial maintenance or the development of business activity.
  • We develop economic areas and provide support to commercial partnerships.
  • We help companies adopt exportation strategies and develop their activities on an international scale.
  • We provide businesses with legal assistance and help them in the process of foreseeing possible difficulties.
  • We assist entrepreneurs in their various development projects.
  • We organize communicational exchanges by developing business networks, company clubs and employers groups.

Meeting business needs for skilled workers

The CCIT of Moselle is very committed to training people. Consequently, it has its own training branch – CCI FORMATION – which offers a wide range of training courses to companies in order for them to develop their workers’ qualifications.
L’académie Européenne de l’Immobilier – or the European Real Estate Academy – is a division of CCI FORMATION. It is the leading real estate training center in France and provides programs whose values are widely acknowledged.

Boosting the development of our territory

Managing river ports

The Thionville-Illange river port and the Nouveau Port of Metz are respectively the 5th and 7th leading river ports in France. Metallurgical products and cereals are the most common goods transported through these ports.

The main infrastructures of the district

The CCIT of Moselle participates in the organisation and management of major regional development projects such as highways, TGV networks and inland waterways.