The lifeblood of the region : Tourism

Tourism and Culture are key sectors in the development of the district.

Nowadays, culture and tourism are the main vectors of attraction for any town or territory. Their impact on both business volume and employment show how much this sector needs developing.

Metz and the Moselle region have many assets in this respect. Their landscapes, the qualitative diversity of their artistic and architectural heritage are of course undeniable. However, their great cultural infrastructures and leisure facilities are now also widely acknowledged.

The unique cultural and cross-border context of the region only contributes to reinforcing its touristic attraction even more. The 11.4 million inhabitants in the Extended Region represent a huge market of consumers and visitors.

2010 was a landmark year for the market of Culture and Tourism in Moselle ; the Pompidou-Metz Centre opened in May and in June the biggest Center Parcs holiday village established in Europe  also opened in the region of Sarrebourg.

The Pompidou-Metz Centre is the very successful result of the first decentralisation of a worldwide known cultural establishment. So much so that the Pompidou-Metz Centre welcomed its one millionth visitor only 18 months after its opening. As for the new Center Parcs holiday village, figures show that 1,200,000 nights in hotel rooms were booked within one year only.

Thanks to them, many visitors, most specifically foreign tourists, come and visit our region. The CCIT had anticipated this new attraction to the territory by helping local hotels, restaurants, shopkeepers and bar tenders welcome tourists in various ways. As a consequence, the economic fall-out to date of these major investments in tourism is remarkable.

Because of its economic fall-out and the great reputation it conveys to Moselle – both in France and foreign countries – the CCIT has decided to further develop tourism by setting up a specific overall quality strategy.

Places of interest in Moselle

  • 3 181 290 people visited historic sites
  • 2 428 065 people visited leisure facilities
  • In 2011, the Amnéville zoo and Waligator amusement park were both listed in the top 20 leisure facilities in France.
  • The top six places of interest in Lorraine are all located in Moselle.
  • Zoo d’Amnéville  , Amnéville, 701,000
  • Cathédrale Saint-Etienne, Metz, 560,072
  • Centre Pompidou-Metz , Metz, 476,430
  • Parc animalier de Sainte Croix, Rhodes, 242,957
  • Plan Incliné Saint-Louis, Arzviller, 100,718
  • Château de Malbrouck , Manderen, 77,199
  • Citadel de Bitche, Bitche, 63,420
  • Ville de Metz (guided tours), Metz, 44,393
  • Musées de la Cour d’or, Metz, 43,204
  • Les Jardins Fruitiers, Laquenexy, 41,512
  • Ouvrage du Simserhof, Siersthal, 39,160
  • Parc Archéologique Européen, Bliesbruck, 37,012
  • Rocher de Dabo, Dabo, 34,374
  • Ouvrage du Hackenberg, Veckring, 31,047
  • Les Mineurs Wendel Petite – Parc Explor Wendel, Rosselle, 30,558